Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #810 – Lining things up.

140821Denison_3552 copy

Two black & white images in a row. I must be in a black & white state of mind!

I spend way too much time trying to get things lined up. It is actually really hard to do and it is close to impossible for me.

I got to learn to get my crayons back out of the neat little lines that they program us to stay with in.

We went to the bank the other day. It was a quiet afternoon visit and there was very little activity in the bank. As we approached the teller, there was this maze made of those velvet ropes on stanchions with a sign stating “enter here”. The teller signaled for me to avoid the maze and come on up. But I felt the need to wander like a rat to the cheese.  I said something along the lines of “no, I like to follow the rules.” My wife let out a laugh and reminding me that I have never been a rule follower.

I all of a sudden felt like a guy who had brought a ice chest full of beer to a Baptist picnic. Called out for following rules!

Color outside the lines even in black & white…†…monos en theos.   jim

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