Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #849…Missing the wide openness of West TX (just a bit)

DSC_4652 copy

I grew up in West Texas. My family up and moved to the Dallas area when I was thirteen. I can remember this feeling that came over me of feeling a bit closed in. When you grow up with the open skies of West TX, it can be just a mite claustrophobic with all the trees and hills. You throw in a few days of solid cloud cover, with rain mixed in and well…I guess it is something that only someone from the vastness of open skies can relate to.

So, under wet and grey clouds, I had to pull up an old West Texas sunset to brighten the day…monos en theos…†…jim

2 thoughts on “Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #849…Missing the wide openness of West TX (just a bit)

  1. It’s funny how the landscape we grow up in seems to leave an imprint in our souls/minds for the rest of our lives. I grew up with a mix of hills, forests, fields and lakes, that’s the landscape that is “home” to me. Your photo convinces me that it must be something very special to live in a vast landscape like this!

    1. Gunilla….I thank you for finding my blog and all your looking exploration of them. Your words have made my day. One of those rare moments where I scream “somebody got it”. I am filled with joy……thanx…..en theos….jim

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