Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #851…Fall still life fun

paintrly gourds_0735

I am always reading of the artist that had their creative nature snuffed at an early age by well meaning adults. I was fortunate to have two grandparents that were artists. They even both had separate studios in their home.

It was always a grand adventure to wander about their tools. The tubes, palette knifes, brushes of all sizes and shapes. It always made me wonder why my watercolor paint kit for school was so limited with the one brush and only eight colors.

I was encouraged to slop paint and to attempt to create the visions that danced in my imagination. My canvases never reflected the beauty that their hearts could move hands to create the beauty that lived in their hearts.

Yet, I was always told it was okay that my paintings did not look like theirs. We were all different and so we laid down paint differently. What love and encouragement I was shown and given.

Now I have photoshop and the best wonder of it is that using it always brings back the fun I had as a child. It is such fun to press a few keys and pretend I have the talent of my loving  Grandparents: James Wesley and Grace.

Create YOUR art in YOUR image…†…monos en theos…jim

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