Wandering & a wondering in far North TX. Working on truly developing a new image. The old is gone and the new is coming through. Sharing the new image with all who want to see. Nothing to hide, exposing it all, no filters. I just love all the analogies you can pull from the terminology of photography to apply to live. Ain’t life grand.

23 thoughts on “About

  1. New follower here and I can’t figure out how to get to the prior posts. Is that possible? Your photography is so beautiful; I’d like to look back and see more (especially some that are mentioned in the comments here).

    1. Diane…..thanx for the kind words, you started my Sunday off nicely. If you are on any post, put your cursor on the boldface jimwork, ) at the left top of the page or just go to http://www.jimwork.com). Click on that and it should tkae you to a page that has the last 10 post. When you have looked at those the is a link at the bottom of the page that says older entries and it will give you another 10….rinse & repeat…….shalom en theos….jim

  2. Jim: Greatly appreciate your comment about O’Keeffe! in Marfa. We’d like to use some audience comments on our website and Facebook page and on a Marfa DVD. May we quote you? And with your full name? Thanks so much! –Carolyn (www.flowerandbone.com)

  3. Hello I’ve just found your wonderful blog and photos today and wondered if you would mind if I reblogged those I love on my own blog? Hope you’re well.

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