IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #591 – more treasure on the blue road.

13-10-07 sunflower_7754 copy

We were driving back from the “big” city, Midland/Odessa and cruising down Ranch road 1503. Mostly our time was spent watching out for the crazy, large, over-loaded and over bearing oil field trucks.

And then there it was. An old structure sitting along the west side of the road just south of Imperial Texas. Knew there had to be a story there. The tale however remained unfurled, but the image give the story room to roam. A real mystery.

Leave somethings to the imagination! ††† en theos ††† jimwork

IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #582 – A shrine of grace amongst a maize field

13-09-26 hatch_6313 copy

We came across this roadside chapel on NM blue road US 187 just north of Hatch, NM. This was truly a place filled with a sense of amazing grace amongst the working farms of the Rio Grande valley along this beautiful road. It was filled with such peace that was showered on us for the rest of the day.

May you find such peace on your journey! ††† en theos ††† jimwork

IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #578- Why oh why do we always think the other grass is greener?

13-09-22 messilla_6269 13-09-22 messilla_6248 copy

Ah the magic of the blue road. Where else are you going to find a camel stretching to the max to reach the other side of the fence.  And then to be able to pull over and observe, record and learn. You just don’t get this stuff on the Interstates!

We always think that some destination, some thing, a certain time is going to be the catalyst to change, to something better. But once you get there, get that something, reach that date,  there are just as many flies a circling in the ointment.

In the words of my man Toby:

Where would I be, without you
I’d be packin’ my bags when I need to stay
I’d be chasin’ every breeze that blows my way
I’d be buildin’ my kingdom just to watch it fade
Away, it’s true
That’s me without you

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

enjoy who you are, where you are and live with Him for today. That’s all you really got. ††† en theos ††† jimwork

Photos on the journey #386

The pleasures and the treasures that you get to find on the “blue roads”.

In my youth, I had an earthly father who introduced me to the beauty of slowness on a country road. When I was just 11 he let me start driving our turquoise blue 57 chevy down many quiet and fortunately much  less-traveled roads.

Somewhere along the way, I dismissed a lot of both the good and bad habits of my dad. He taught me much of both.

I became to impatient to the slow way, I wanted to get “X” miles in “X” time. I never got there, never got much of anywhere.

When we recently bought us a seemingly small travel trailer, I rediscovered the lure of the little, and the slow road. A lot of my reason was I had too small a tow vehicle and was forced to stay on the blue roads. I couldn’t get enough rpm’s to travel 65 much less 75-80. So we made a pact to just stay on the blue line.

I have since upgraded to a bigger 2500HD Chevy truck. I can now readily exercise my manhood with my right foot. But, I don’t like it. I am sticking to the little roads. After all, It always has been about the journey, not the destination.

I would have missed the treasure of eating at “Sparky’s” in Hatch New Mexico (green chile capital of the world) on US 185/175  north from Las Cruces, NM.

We had just been wowed through a golden leaf filled pecan grove when my wonderful wife threw out the wonderful line , “God just doesn’t travel on the Interstate.” It would make a great country & western song………..en theos………….jim