Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #887 – Blah, Blah, Blah…


Just having a hard time with my finding images. My eyes just fail to see.

It all  seems so, I don’t know, bland, boring, l and only worth half an effort.

Been reading a lot about Eugene Smith, Dorthea Lange and the I watched the movie “Salt of the Earth” a story about the photographer Salgado. If you are a photographer and have not seen it, treat yourself, but be prepared to feel pretty tiny after watching it. I just have this overwhelming feeling of a wasted life, wrong choices, just feeling very small. I chased too many material ideals and I even failed at that.

So here is another frigging flower. It is what us old guys fall back on when all else fails. I used to hate flowers images ( except for Georgia O’Keefe) and now it is my go to small choice…….monos en theos….james

Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #790 – Decisions Decisions Decisions!


“I can feel guilty about the past, apprehensive about the future, but only in the present can I act. The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.”

Abraham Maslow

All, the paths that there are to follow. Decisions Decisions Decisions…†…monos en theos

Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #758 – Which one do we choose?

14-06-14 barbie deni_5850


So it is a lovely early summer morning and you go to the park to swing. As you approach the swing set, you are forced with a decision. Which swing are you going to choose?

As it is on the playground, as it is in life. The choices sometimes seem clear. But is the choice really that clear, or do we just take the obviously easy pick?

The swing in the middle seems the seemingly right way to go, but what strengths might we get from the challenge of the other two?

What you going to choose today?     monos en theos ††† jim


13-09-13 lemon_0239 copy

“I made stupid decisions as a kid, or as a young adult, but I’m trying to be now, I’m trying to take this lemon and make lemonade.”

Somedays all of the stupid decisions can seem so hard to make up for! Here’s to not making sour choices!    en theos monos ††† jim


13-09-04 pm walkb_0281 copy

At every turn in every day we are presented with angels in a thousand guises, each calling us to follow their song. There is no right or wrong way to go, and only your heart can find the appointments you are born to keep. It’s hard to take this risk, but meeting each uncertainty with an open heart will lead us to an authentic tomorrow.”      ©Mark Nepo

So, what’s up for your tomorrow? ††† en theos ††† jim

Photos on the journey #412

apple paint w text

Yesterday I came across this thought provoking quote via one of my daily devotionals. As one who has a constant struggle with the spiritual nature and meaning of seeds & fruits, gates & doors and paths & roads, this simple saying struck a deep blow to my mind. I just had to create an image to go with it.

Ken Kesey was the author of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest“. He had many seeds, roads & weeds within him. You can read a short bio of him here:

“What Kesey’s quotation about apples and seeds says to us about perspective is absolutely beautiful in its simple truth:  there’s no way of knowing the extent of the potential in anything, really, and something like an apple seed can give us years and years of bountiful harvests, with uncounted apples. People are the same way, of course.  There’s no telling what’s inside each person that we meet, no telling the potential that each person has for growth and for doing exceptional things.  Just like the apple seed, though, our potential is realized by creating just the right conditions for our growth and development.  Just as the apple cannot thrive in dry, barren climes, so is it difficult for us to thrive in situations that are not fitting.” ©Walsh, Tom:  Living Life Fully’s Daily Meditations, Year One. Living Life Fully Publications.

So, what is the moral of this to you ?

pezful ez feelin’ @U….en theos†††jlawrence