Photos on the journey #452


Things are not always as they appear. This is an image taken at night with a full moon veiled by a thin layer of high clouds. Another one of those times that things do not evolve as you planned.

Life flows that way. I never planned to have so many days of  “melancholy”  (the Freudian polite word for depression) at this station of my life. Yet the clouds continue to form and obscure.

Holding tight and fast to Toby Mac’s promising words:

“So, baby, hold on Just another day or two I can see the clouds are moving faster now And the sun is breaking through
If you can hold on To the one that’s holding you There is nothing that can stop this crazy Love from breaking through.”

Seems like I have been holding on to different songs lyrics for most of my life. I keep repeating them, trying hard to turn them into reality.
Peace out ††† en theos ††† jlawrence