Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #356

I have no idea what this little furry fellow might be. One rainy afternoon, I was not finding much in the meadow near our campground in the Lincoln Nation Forrest, New Mexico. No butterflies, fresh blooms, birds or mushrooms. I happened across this deer carcass that was in the final stages of having the last small pieces of flesh being done away with by nature. The bones were covered with swarms of these kind of creepy creatures whom were devouring the last vestiges of flesh.

I said “cool” my muse muttered some disdainful comment about boys. I stretched out on the forest floor with my 105micro and set up 3 lights and photographed until I kept feeling itchy, like things were crawling on me. I muttered something about boys and wandered on with my muse.

Enjoy the whole cycle of life on your journey††††nada te turbe††††jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #267

I photographed this Checkered White a couple of days ago. I found it at the same little seep spring that previously I had photographed another one, but it was a dead floating body. This one was alive and it gave me a small glimmer into the cycle of live that revolves in and around us.

We have had rain for the past two days. I guess I am a fair weather photographer and have been captive in our little abode for two days too long. Even the dogs are growling at each other and the house smells of wet dogs. We have sunshine this morning and while the dogs will get muddy it is time to once again get outdoors and re-visit the cycle of life.

See what new treasures you can find on your journey††nada te turbe††††jim