Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #246

This little fellow found a way to beat El Nino and to stay cool. It was a hot day at the beaver pond near Rio Grande Village Big Bend National Park. There was little activity, so when this guy floated by, I was happy to frame on him for a while. He was a diver and disappeared under the surface and I was lucky enough to be framed on the right spot when he resurfaced.

Cool off as needed on your journey, rinse and repeat†††††nada te turbe†††††jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #187

I got to spend time with my Granddaughter, Larissa Jenae this weekend. The second girl to absolutely steal my heart. She gives me the wonderful opportunity to really feel those “ah” moments. To see a persons heart be reflecting in those dark brown eyes. It allows me to feel, to see, and to realize what is important and the joy of it all brings me tears of happiness. Family is forever.

Watch for the reflections on your journey!!!nada te turbe†††jim