14-04-14moon set_2572

Two days ago I sat in my shorts and dirty t-shirt basking in the beauty and warmth of a bluebonnet patch. Early this am up to attack my writing drills I was greeted with this mysterious view in the western darkness. A great prelude to the coming blood moon eclipse coming early tomorrow morning.

Our balm had faded to sand blown in the 40 mph winds as I stranded to hold my camera still at a 1/15 of a second at 1600 iso. All the while staving the 37 degree chill in my briefs and too thin shirt. The dogs thought me crazy and kept looking to see what the heck had the attention of their strange two legged leader.  I quickly agreed and retreated from outside images to inside words and warm coffee. Image making is fun, but word-smithing can sometimes be a little more comfortable.

I don’t normally post such fuzzy grainy images, but I hope this will keep me from having to braving the 2:00 am call to the blood eclipse. I already gave.  One needs to save their bravery as I have too little to spare.

” A good photograph is  knowing where to stand.” Ansel Adams

I think I will stand inside.   en theos monos ††† jim

Photos on the journey #475

DSC_5056A DSC_5064A

More bounty from the rain.

I took the dogs and went out for a glorious early morning walk. We were treated to a number of His creations. In a much nicer way, I was reminded of my answer when asked what it was like to drive a cab in Dallas on the 4pm to 2am shift . “There is a whole different world out there at that time of the day and night”. So it is with the early am.

This millipede was about 6 inches long and was munching his was across the damp desert floor. They are as harmless as they are interesting. No bite or sting in them. They can, and this one was, emit a caustic fluid and gas as a defense against ants and other predatory insects. They wind themselves in a tight ball with their head in the center, staying this way until danger passes.

While called millipedes, they really only have from 200-600 legs.  They use to move about in a graceful wave like motion. Get out for a mindful walk. There is a whole different discovered.

PEACE ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

Photos on the journey #413


I walk by this scene a minimum of 2-3 times each day. That’s about 2o times a week, x 52 weeks = around a 1000 times. Then multiply that by the 10+ years I have lived at my present house, take away days I walk a different route, am out of town or just for whatever reason, don’t go. That means I have walked right on by this scene probably on  5,000 – 6,000 occasions. Never once pausing and seeing what was right in front of me, about a block away from my house.

But it took having a sleepless morning on a clear, unseasonably warm, early January morning to be offered this view.

To quote Jagger & Richards: “You don’t always get what you want, But if you try sometimes well you just might find You get what you need”………sorry, now try getting that tune out of your head today, ah, “Let it Bleed” baby.

Open your eyes, see the marvel of all that HE places before you.

pezful ez feelin’ @U ††† en theos ††† jlawrence