IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #711 – Sometime we see things & wonder what was.

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I have always been attracted to deserted, abandoned and places that are just empty shadows of their storied past. This old stone building near “downtown” Fort Stockton TX has always called for me to stop and explore. I always think I have something more important to do and pass on to other duties. In the spirit of becoming more mindfull, last week I took the time to stop & look around this old haunt. Some other local will have to beam in if they know of it’s original purpose. I could not determine if it was an old hotel, hospital or asylum. It had a lot of faded and barely readable warning signs that I choose to ignore. I wandered in as far as I felt comfortable. Other occupants had left their own warning signs that I was a little more apt to heed despite the beautiful tiled entree.

Enjoy something unknown. en theos † jim

IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #594 – 2 empty Chairs once again appear.

13-10-13 lensbaby walk_2083

For one reason or another we changed our walking route yesterday. I don’t know exactly why. We all are such creatures of habit. Sometimes we do things because that is the way we always do them.

In the midst of nowhere, there appeared to me two empty chairs. This being the second time I have stopped to take notice of a pair of misplaced chairs in less than a week. I always say stuff doesn’t happen for no reason. So it sets me to trying to put together the why of encounters of two chairs? One abandoned chair seems to need no explanation, but two somehow needs some applied reasoning.

I can fill the chairs with all kinds of empty logic. I seem to always find them when I am walking with “the black dog”. I see the emptiness of the holes in my life, the disappointment I bring when I don’t fulfill my self expectations, I am used to that. What pains me the most is how I feel that I let those down that are so close to me. I see how I feel that I am sitting alone and do not share my pain. I can see how the bottom has fallen out of the chair. How will it hold me up ? How far can I fall, not too far, the chair is very close to the ground.

Peace out ††† en theos ††† jimwork