Photos on the journey #478

DSC_5407 copyA DSC_5411A


All right, if you didn’t like the millipede  then you for sure are not going to like what we have for  today’s blue plate special. Uck, I know ( sorry Sherlyn).  My wife thought he was kinda pretty. This fly was about 3/8″ in length and was a happy camper on this yucca bloom. I really like his sticky looking feet.

PEACEOUT ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

Photos on the journey #474

DSC_4948b DSC_4971a

Okay, we got some rain this past week, a whole 1/2 an inch. Low & behold, as my wife was sweeping the patio, she found this toad under a pile of grass and leaves. We don’t get a lot of toads that don’t have horns (more of the lizard variety). I know for you guys in the humid part of the world this is not a rare find, but for me, I just had to invite him in for a sitting.

We had to go for a close up of those great eyes.

To the green in all of us…en theos ††† jlawrence

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #191


The Roadrunners (Geococcyx californianus)  down in Big Bend are always a treat to photograph. Much like their cartoonist character, they are quite comical and seem to show off, posing, jumping and giving you the eye. This one was using the early morning Big Bend sun to warm off the chill. Roadrunners are the official state bird of New Mexico even if confusingly known as the “Chapparal Bird”.  A group of  Roadrunners are collectively, and fittingly know as a “race” or “marathon”.

Let go and laugh at your own comical side on your journey††nada te turbe††jim