Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #892 – Straight on, Head first, Right on!

DSC_6493 I am always reading about and wanting to see things in a different way. Yet, like most photographers I expect to  see the open wings of a butterfly. I often find myself waiting on a butterfly, thinking, “I wish he would open his wings.” Heck, the butterfly is sitting there almost yelling at me “hey, I got a face too you know!” So in the interest of trying to see things as they come to me, and to not judge by how I want things to be, here is the face side of the afore posted butterfly. Introduce yourself properly and enjoy the view you are presented. Find something nice to say, like “my what a nice shade of purple your eyes are!” monos en theos †††† james L

Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #862-May we all grow into children


“To speak truly, few adult persons can see nature.  Most persons do not see the sun.  At least they have a very superficial seeing.  The sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and heart of the child.  The lover of nature is he whose inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other; who has retained the spirit of infancy even into the era of manhood.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Grow into the child…monos en theos…†…jim

Photos on the journey #478

DSC_5407 copyA DSC_5411A


All right, if you didn’t like the millipede  then you for sure are not going to like what we have for  today’s blue plate special. Uck, I know ( sorry Sherlyn).  My wife thought he was kinda pretty. This fly was about 3/8″ in length and was a happy camper on this yucca bloom. I really like his sticky looking feet.

PEACEOUT ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #126

At first, I was disappointed that this was the only bird that first showed himself to me. We were at Sam Nail’s old homestead in the Big Bend. I was wanting fancy, colorful birds and I get the fairly common White-Crowned Sparrow. Just like my fate with butterflies, birds and life, I am destined for the common it seems. As always, we can learn from patience and trust. The sparrow was only the first to come. The Cardinals, Mockingbirds and Finches stayed in the shadows and allowed the sparrow to test the waters. They let the common little bird see “whose eye was on him”, if it was safe for the fancy birds and then they came. So don’t dismiss the sparrow or think him common, he is a leader, brave and handsome.

“Let not your heart be troubled,”
His tender word I hear,
And resting on His goodness,
I lose my doubts and fears;
Though by the path He leadeth,
but one step I may see;
His eye is on the sparrow,
and I know He watches me;
His eye is on the sparrow,
and I know He watches me.

I sing because I’m happy,
I sing because I’m free,
For His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me”

Civilla Martin, who wrote the lyrics, said this about her inspiration to write this song based on scripture:

Early in the spring of 1905, my husband and I were sojourning in Elmira, New York. We contracted a deep friendship for a couple by the name of Mr. and Mrs. Doolittle—true saints of God. Mrs. Doolittle had been bedridden for nigh twenty years. Her husband was an incurable cripple who had to propel himself to and from his business in a wheel chair. Despite their afflictions, they lived happy Christian lives, bringing inspiration and comfort to all who knew them. One day while we were visiting with the Doolittles, my husband commented on their bright hopefulness and asked them for the secret of it. Mrs. Doolittle’s reply was simple: “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.” The beauty of this simple expression of boundless faith gripped the hearts and fired the imagination of Dr. Martin and me. The hymn “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” was the outcome of that experience.
—Civilla Martin
Whose eye is on your journey?…enjoy†††nada te turbe…jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #77

“Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.”
Luke 9:47-49……….So who are you welcoming, touching, feeding……..reach out, there is a whole lot of hurt out there……….nada te turbe… …jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #73

Profile of a common house fly. Sitting on the arm of a white porch chair. Shot with D300s w/ 105 mm micro and 1.4 extender. Lighting is a combo of natural sunshine and  SB900 light in small soft box. Exposure 1/160 F20. hand held I love the what looks like a dent in his eye……….enjoy……………… nada te turbe…..jim