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“When the world is all at odds
And the mind is all at sea
Then cease the useless tedium
And brew a cup of tea.

There is magic in its’ fragrance,
There is solace in its’ taste;
And the laden moments vanish
Somehow into space.

And the world becomes a lovely thing!
There’s beauty as you’ll see;
All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea.”

~ Unknown author

I actually drink more coffee than tea. Yet, the alure of the romance of tea, the whole ceremony of brewing and serving pulls on me with a constant force.

enjoy your morning with the beverage of your choice. †  en theos ††† jim


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When I was a photographer at the Dallas Morning News, I was always submitting “picture” stories to the editors. One day one of them told me, that as a photographer my job was to tell the story in one image. A series of photos took up too much space, which was needed for advertising.

I would like to ask that editor today, how did that work out for you ? I am now my own editor and here in West Texas, we have lots of space. Fall is spread as distant as the trees. So here is a little taste of fall, all from my yard.

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day!
Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree…
~ Emily Brontë

Find some peace in the midst of a “fall”.  ††† en theos ††† jim

IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #601 – Don’t look too far down the path, it gets narrower!

13-10-20 pm walk_1053 copy

As if following the narrow path were not hard enough, did you ever notice that the further ahead you look, it only appears narrower?

Stay in the moment, the path will be as wide as it needs to be.  peace out ††† en theos ††† jimwork



IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #592 – A mesquite tree in the desert looking much like a baobab tree on the Savannah

13-10-10 pm walk_0917 copy


Sometimes the things we see are not what we feel. This image was made less than a mile from my home. While it looks much like what in my mind could be out on the plains of the Savannah or Serengeti.

I had to wait for a few cars to pass on the well traveled road in the near background. The road itself is hidden by the low camera angle. I also removed 3 or 4 telephone poles and their connecting lines.

So, I was really only on a far away plain in my mind.

Be anywhere you can imagine, but enjoy where you are. ††† en theos ††† jimwork

Photos on the journey #411


My Australian Shepherd, Clovis poses while watching some passing deer at a little before the true gloaming. I have always loved the word and at long last found a way to use it. A wonderful Scottish word and I so appreciated the definition by a Scot describing that mysterious time of day:

“so for those that aren’t sure… this is what the gloaming looks like, it’s not just sunset, sunset is sunset, the gloaming is something different, it’s a special light, that almost glows with an ethereal quality of peace and tranquility :o”….Scott Masterton

Savor the gloaming……pezful ez feelin’ @ u………en theos….jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #308

I felt this light and wind as it patiently and powerfully swept across the yellow of the grass in a section of Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico. I felt peace, and  a stir in my heart and was reminded of scenes from the Gladiator. “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. ”

Ah, to stand up for all you believe in, does it only happen in the movies?

I could feel the grass beneath my hand and felt the sway of both the grass and my heart.

See those things that move you along on your journey†nada te turbe†jim