Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #906 – r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r

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E. E. Cummings, 18941962

  a)s w(e loo)k
S                                                                        a
  rIvInG                              .gRrEaPsPhOs)

Edward Estlin Cummings is known for his radical experimentation with form, punctuation, spelling, and syntax; he abandoned traditional techniques and structures to create a new, highly idiosyncratic means of poetic expression.

I just saw a pretty creature amongst the johnson grass. E.E.Cummings saw much more than me. Oh how we are never too old to learn.

monos en theos  †† jas L

Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #780 – SIMPLICITY OF NATURE

14-07-19denison_4887 copy

“And I learned what is obvious to a child. That life is simply a collection of little lives, each lived one day at a time. That each day should be spent finding beauty in flowers and poetry and talking to animals. That a day spent with dreaming and sunsets and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered. But most of all, I learned that life is about sitting on benches next to ancient creeks with my hand on her knee and sometimes, on good days, for falling in love.”
― Nicholas Sparks

I am not a real Nicholas Sparks fan, but you wear what fits…..monos en theos…†…jim


14-01-21 deer dog_0953

It was just a beautiful day yesterday. Unseasonable warm and “Grace” enjoyed it as much as us two leggers. And she looked a glow in the setting sun.

From Wikipedia: In photography, the golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour, especially in cinematography) is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day  when a specific photographic effect is achieved due to the quality of the light.

But it is as much a feeling as a visual effect. Enjoy the glooming ††† en theos ††† jim

IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #578- Why oh why do we always think the other grass is greener?

13-09-22 messilla_6269 13-09-22 messilla_6248 copy

Ah the magic of the blue road. Where else are you going to find a camel stretching to the max to reach the other side of the fence.  And then to be able to pull over and observe, record and learn. You just don’t get this stuff on the Interstates!

We always think that some destination, some thing, a certain time is going to be the catalyst to change, to something better. But once you get there, get that something, reach that date,  there are just as many flies a circling in the ointment.

In the words of my man Toby:

Where would I be, without you
I’d be packin’ my bags when I need to stay
I’d be chasin’ every breeze that blows my way
I’d be buildin’ my kingdom just to watch it fade
Away, it’s true
That’s me without you

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

enjoy who you are, where you are and live with Him for today. That’s all you really got. ††† en theos ††† jimwork

Photos on the journey #413


I walk by this scene a minimum of 2-3 times each day. That’s about 2o times a week, x 52 weeks = around a 1000 times. Then multiply that by the 10+ years I have lived at my present house, take away days I walk a different route, am out of town or just for whatever reason, don’t go. That means I have walked right on by this scene probably on  5,000 – 6,000 occasions. Never once pausing and seeing what was right in front of me, about a block away from my house.

But it took having a sleepless morning on a clear, unseasonably warm, early January morning to be offered this view.

To quote Jagger & Richards: “You don’t always get what you want, But if you try sometimes well you just might find You get what you need”………sorry, now try getting that tune out of your head today, ah, “Let it Bleed” baby.

Open your eyes, see the marvel of all that HE places before you.

pezful ez feelin’ @U ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #312

The recent rain are now just reflection of what is gone. Where there were puddles of life and wet, now there are cracks and void. The birds even breathe heavier, move less.

I tried to mow my weeds yesterday. Wearing a mask in a vain attempt to filter the air. I looked more like I should be holding up a 7-11, not holding a mower. The mower stalled with the weight of the grass, I stalled from the weight of the dust and debris in the air. One Zrytec later and a good night sleep, my eyes are swollen and my voice is harsh.

The ground still cries for wet and I cry for the loss of what I used to be able to do.

Do what you can while you can on your journey†nada te turbe†jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #308

I felt this light and wind as it patiently and powerfully swept across the yellow of the grass in a section of Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico. I felt peace, and  a stir in my heart and was reminded of scenes from the Gladiator. “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. ”

Ah, to stand up for all you believe in, does it only happen in the movies?

I could feel the grass beneath my hand and felt the sway of both the grass and my heart.

See those things that move you along on your journey†nada te turbe†jim