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Yes, these are in color, just not much there. Grey bug on gray screen Got to grab whatever bugs are still around. We have had our first freeze and winter in near. These are harmless creatures and evidently the male has no hormone issues.

Stick insects, like praying mantises, show rocking behavior in which the insect makes rhythmic, repetitive, side-to-side movements. The common interpretation of this behavior’s function is it enhances crypsis by mimicking vegetation moving in the wind. However, these movements may be most important in allowing the insects to discriminate objects from the background by relative motion. Rocking movements by these generally sedentary insects may replace flying or running as a source of relative motion to help them discern objects in the foreground.

Mating behavior in Phasmatodea is impressive because of the extraordinarily long duration of pairings. A record among insects, the stick insect Necroscia sparaxes, found in India, is sometimes coupled for 79 days at a time. It is not uncommon for this species to assume the mating posture for days or weeks on end, and among some species (Diapheromera veliei Walsh and D. Covilleae), pairing has been observed to last three to 136 hours in captivity.Explanations for this behavior range from males guarding their mates against reproductive competitors to the view that the pairings are a defensive alliance.

enjoy a bug today ††† en theos †††jimwork




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My cat. Peach, knows how to live on the edge. She can come right to the edge of the ledge and relax and enjoy it. Sleep on it, let a leg dangle off of it. There is security knowing that you will always land on your feet. And you will.

Go to the edge and at least take a peak! ††† en theos ††† jimwork


Images of small things from the biggest county in Texas #538 – albeit misplaced – A pretty northern red bellied snake

13-08-23 snake_7954A 13-08-23 snake_7972A

We had a healthy amount of rain yesterday and I was excited to see what new growth we would find on our evening walk. My dogs passed right over this beautiful creature that was basking in the waning warmth of the asphalt. Having never seen this species, I gathered him up and brought him home for a proper portrait.

He was a small fellow about 12-14 inches long. Extremely docile little guy who curled comfortably amongst my fingers. His underbelly ran from orange under the head to red at the tail. He posed very nicely and then I released him amongst the four o’clocks.

The small, secretive red-bellied snake (Storeria occipitomaculata) is a distinctive reptile which gains its common name from the crimson-red underside which occurs in most individuals. However, the underparts of this species are known to vary between bright red and yellow .

The upper-parts of the red-bellied snake are also variable and can be grey, brown, red-brown or black with a light, wide stripe which extends along the length of the back . Four narrower stripes may occasionally be present on the backs of some individuals.

The range of the red-bellied snake extends across eastern North America, from southern Canada in the north to Florida and Texas in the south, including Oklahoma, Kansas and North and South Dakota. The red-bellied snake inhabits areas of deciduous or mixed woodland, as well as meadows, marshes, pastures, swamp edges and prairies , where it shelters under rocks, logs or leaf litter on the ground. Within these habitats this species is generally found in moist areas although it also inhabits dry areas such as rocky hills.

May you find something new as you travel an old route. ††† en theos ††† jim work

Photos on the journey #435

DSC_8272 copyA

So sorry for the lack of posts the last week & a half. After fighting off a nasty case of the stomach flu, we headed to City Of Rocks State Park in New Mexico to meet up with our son, Joshua for a week.

Beautiful park with the freedom to climb, crawl and probe in and around several acres of huge boulders in the middle of nowhere. If you go there, be advised, there is neither Wi Fi nor a dump station around for 30 miles.

New Mexico and West Texas have a common friend this time of year, the wind. We spent a bit of time chasing hats and hoping our trailer would not blow over. The night skies were well worth the price of admission.

Pezful EZ fellin’ @U ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #229

black and white flower

I saw the black and white flower at night
that lighten up my sight
The flower told me all the truths
When nobody else could see through
Now I see people for what they really are
I see the real and the fake
No matter how they try to cover up or
what they are and say
Cause that flower told me
there is no black
There is no white
there is only gray
Kayla B Mitchell

Find the gray between the black & white on your journey††nada te turbe††jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #81

Okay, so I am always looking for those great looking highly colored butterflies. God keeps giving me these little, seemingly bland and boring looking specimens. I finally got it today when I looked at this guy. Sometimes you find what your looking for in things (& people) that at first seem to not have much to offer. Heck even the scraggly weed he was sitting on looks like a piece of finely finished wood. It is such a wonderful opportunity for us to stop and see what we have right in front of us and see the beauty in the common things and places…..enjoy…nada te turbe…..jim†