It is the annual Cowboy Poets Gathering here in Alpine and this seemed a fitting image. When we first arrived here a little over twenty years ago we attended and tried to enjoy all the local events.

But, I missed the cowboy gene and jeans. I am more a cargo pants kind of guy. I have never owned a horse. I have to admit I wouldn’t know how to saddle one if I had one.

Kind of embarrassing for a guy who grew up in West Tx (Odessa). As a youngster I always dressed like a cowboy, albeit  never knowing why.  We moved to Dallas when I was in the seventh grade, after one day at Bowie Jr Hi, I came home and announced to my mom that “we had to go shoppin’ “. Cowboy attire was just not for those that couldn’t defend why they dressed that way. My billy the kid & wrangler jeans and snap button cowboy yoked shirts all had to go to Goodwill.

As I friend here in Alpine fittingly told me ” I don’t dress like these people, I don’t look like people,and I don’t think like these people and I never read a Zane Grey novelle” That seemed fitting and I quit trying to be like these people. Hell, I even vote democrat, there I said it.

I do enjoy the views though. I even enjoy the mystic of the old West and try to capture it through the vision of my camera just not my clothes or trying to be something that I am not.

Enjoy who you are! en theos ††† jim


13-10-29 road_9109 copy

I very seldom make images of far off vistas. Why is a good question. I think it is a bit like a lot of things in life. In my naivety and lack of focus, I always think it will be so much better when it or I get closer.

Don’t wait for the beauty to get close, it is much closer than you think. ††† en theos ††† jimwork



Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #348

There were several pairs of these sparrow like birds in the New Mexico mountains. They look like a cross between a white crowned sparrow, a robin and a mockingbird. They were very territorial of their turf and drove off most all other species with the exception of the Steller Jays which truly ruled the roost.

Id help please, I have looked and can not match him in my guides

Ask for help when you need it on your journey†††nada te turbe†††jim

Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #346

Sorry for the delayed post. We stopped at Brantley State park in New Mexico for a night and with no WiFi, I was forced to be unplugged for a bit. It was really kind of nice and my muse even commented how nice it was to have eye to eye contact with me rather than the usual profile view of me and my Mac.

This is a little thistle from the small meadow in the Lincoln National forest that backed up to our RV site. The mountains were nice but we both decided that we are indeed desert folks. The trees seem confining and then there is the wide open skies. Anyhow, none of that relates to the beauty of this little thistle.

Enjoy where you are on your journey†††nada te turbe†††jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #340

Ahhhh…..I wish I could share the quiet and the cool with you. We are in the mountains in New Mexico and it got down to 49 degrees last night and it is only 73 at 2:00 in the afternoon. The muse and I hunkered in the sleeping bags.

Went for a stroll in a mountain meadow, trying to find my breath in the thin air. At first you think there is not much there, until you stop look, listen and truly open the eyes to your heart. Life and beauty are there a plenty.

Always enjoy the journey!….nada te turbe….jim


Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #199

Don’t you love it when you find a place that just seems to reflect a simpler less complicated time. Everything looks just so idealistic, nice and neat.  But then you look in the windows and find that it is not as it appears on the outside. Instead of a warm and comfy classroom with a warm fire and smiling faces there are boxes, paint cans, trash and disorder.

Always remember you are in a different larger story than you think you’re in and things are not always as they appear.

Be sure you look beyond the facade while on your journey†††nada te turbe†††jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #134

A view from our walk on Christmas afternoon in Da Pine. It was cold, but the dogs loved the outing, as did we. Despite the cold we needed to see the snow from other than inside the warm of our home. Having lived in Texas since I was 18 months old ( I wasn’t born here but got here as soon as I could!) this was my sixth “white Christmas” out of 63 years.

We are heading up to New Mexico later this week, 2 days at White Sands National Park, 2 at Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge, then 4 days of soaking in the hot springs at Blackstone Inn,Truth Or Consequences. Looking forward to some new views, hope to share some as we go…………

Enjoy the journey††nada te turbe††…..jim