IMAGES OF SMALL THINGS FROM THE BIGGEST COUNTY IN TEXAS #599 – Looking for direction while waiting on the moon

13-10-18 full moon_9021

You know you have some patience problems when you feel the moon is late coming up. I knew by Thursday night’s moon, that Friday’s moonrise would be just perfect. So I scouted around looking for a locale for the perfect moonrise position. Failing finding the desired “Moonrise over Hernandez” locale, I settle for a weather vane in my backyard.

I have this program on my ipad that is supposed to show me exactly where and when the moon will cometh. Problem is, I have yet to comprehend the mysteries of Stonehenge or the coordination of the pyramids and the whole solar-lunar cycle, much less a computer app. I am little more than “one small step for man” behind prehistoric man. I read the program, study it, look at it and set up my camera accordingly for the absolute right local and time.  Only thing is, the program doesn’t take into the account of a large hill, almost a mountain that sits between me and the proposed moonrise.

So, I wait, watching, checking the program, all the while declaring “it’s late”. Pacing, silently cursing and totally bewildered why this program didn’t bother to inform me of the heavy cloud bank that sits another thousand feet above the mountain.

None the less, I have camera set on tripod knowing exactly where, if not when the moon will make it’s appearance. Finally, an hour late and many degrees to the north of my plan she gives me a peek through the clouds. A frantic few seconds of repositioning tripod, reframing the shot while tripping over 2 dogs and 3 cats who wonder what the heck I am doing out in their territory at this time of night.

Does NASA have these problems?

enjoy the view! ††† en theos ††† jimwork

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