Photos on the journey #451


I am not quite sure why everyone has shot holes in the stop sign. Myself, I would shoot at the yellow either or direction sign! The stop sign gives me a nice clear simple direction  to follow, where as the other forces me to make a decision. I don’t know about you, but making a decision can be hard. Just stop it!

Peace out ††† en theos ††† jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #220

Not real sure that I could stay here. Would they make me perform some kind of trick to show that me or my dogs are well trained?  I like to think of myself as always “in training”. I am never quite what I want to be, a work in progress. My dogs, are another story. They seem very content on who they are.

Keep up your training while on your journey, eventually maybe you will become the person your dog thinks you are†††nada te turbe†††jim