Photos on the journey #493 – Feeling like a voyeur of the small world!

DSC_5283 copyA

We always hear about the “birds & the bees”, but these 2 lovely beetles seem to have it all figured out. Ah, nature, what it will show you is most always a surprise !

Peaceout ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

Photos on the journey #491 – It is a small world!


I just got a new Nikon PK-13 extension tube so I could get a bit closer to the small world. Of course, I would have one of the windiest days to try and explore this new world. I was almost getting seasick trying to follow this little bloom ( it is about the size of a dime) as it swayed it the breeze. Then, like magic, the wind paused, the tiniest speck of a red fly landed while I was in focus from about 3 inches away. The small world is an amazing journey.

Peaceout ††† en theos ††† jlawrence