Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #189

So how do they know when to start the journey ? They found “the way” a long time ago before the invention or even the thought of GPS. I think they used a different “G” than global.

We can follow the same “G” on our journey†††nada te turbe†††jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #151

Ah, the beauty of flight. Wings up, wings down, it is flat out magical.

Snow geese (Chen carerulescens), a group of them is rightfully called a “blizzard”, “chevron”, “knot”, “plump” or “string”. During migration they fly so high, that they can barely be seen. Thank our Father that on this day in Bosque Del Apache, NM, they were flying at about eye level with a few thousand of their flock sitting in the field behind them.

Fly at the needed altitude on your journey††nada te turbe†††jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #140

I have a slew of individual bird portraits that I will be showing off in the next few days, but had to share this mass of White Geese (Chen caerulescens) also known as Snow Geese,Blue Geese or Gray Geese, who just cried out for a group photo.

There are according to the “official count” 20,000 of them at Bosque Del Apache. A good number of them feed daily in these 5-10 acre marsh-like fields. They seem to follow some organized pattern, blanketing  the ground in a slow orderly movement. About once an hour, at some signal given by who knows who or what, they with a great deal of honking, calling and flutter, go into this mass rotation. It is very much like a crowd at a sporting event doing the wave thing. It encompasses almost the entire flock and within 60-90 seconds, they are all settled back down into the slough to graze.

It made me ponder, Who am I following? Why and how quick am I to change my direction? You’ve got to follow your own road on the journey††nada te turbe†††jim