Photos on the journey #431



Well two out of three ain’t bad. I have been in other photographers studios that look like a doctor could perform surgery.  When someone comes into mind they more oft’  say, “oh, so your about to have a garage sale?”  I try to get my ducks in a row, but I end up with a bunch of ugly ducklings rebelling into a riot.

I am attempting to bring order to my chaos, but it is so hard to break old patterns and habits. I have once again been reading  “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. This is a MUST read for anyone in the creative arts. It is so filled with meaningful advise, if I could just apply a little of it; apply, rinse, repeat!!!!….especially the part about order:

“A PROFESSIONAL SEEKS ORDER When I lived in the back of my Chevy van, I had to dig my typewriter out from beneath layers of tire tools, dirty laundry, and moldering paperbacks. My truck was a nest, a hive, a hellhole on wheels whose sleeping surface I had to clear each night just to carve out a foxhole to snooze in. The professional cannot live like that. He is on a mission. He will not tolerate disorder. He eliminates chaos from his world in order to banish it from his mind. He wants the carpet vacuumed and the threshold swept, so the Muse may enter and not soil her gown.”

Pressfield, Steven (2011-11-11). The War of Art

Find a Pezful EZ feelin’ 2day ††† en theos ††† jlawrence

Photos on the journey #402


Don’t you fall into a dip of despair (sounds like a new Ben & Jerry flavor, “I’ll have a small dip of despair now and a larger dip later”)  when you’re walking down the trail, feeling pretty confident on where you are heading. And then you hit a wall.

When I stop and really expose myself, these physical walls are a cinch compared to the unseen walls that exist in the imagination.

“Resistance is not a peripheral opponent. Resistance arises from within. It is self-generated and self-perpetuated. Resistance is the enemy within”…Steven Pressfield

Expose and conquer the seen and unseen walls you encounter today, and be assured there will be more further down the path. That is how you know you are on the right path!†††

en theos†††jim

Photos on the journey #400

120616JworkBOSQ3222 copy

Blue Heron keeping his wings stretched and ready for flight!!!!

This friendly guy was photographed at Bosque Del Apache game preserve back this past summer.

It is only January which means for us at least another couple months of winter. I know for you who live in colder climates are probably saying “So”? But, I am so ready for warm weather and the return of birds, bugs, blooms and all the beauty that comes with the warmth. I just can’t seem to appreciate the winter and the cold. As I get older my bones & body ache a little more than usual and I have a hard time even exposing my hands to hands to the elements. Call me a wuz, I’ll get over it…..and then it comes to mind that the cold is just another tactic that resistance uses to keep me from moving forward.

“The warrior and the artist live by the same code of necessity, which dictates that the battle must be fought anew everyday” ….Steven Pressfield

I think it really has nothing to do with weather, but more to my giving in, finding justification and excuses for not doing the work……en theos†††††jim

Photos on the journey #397


Mother nature totally understands RESISTANCE!

I have been reading (once again) Steven Pressfield’s inspiring read “the WAR of ART”. This book is a must read for anyone (like me) who keeps seeking the reason they don’t have the life that they desire. Okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but at a minimum it is required reading for anyone who is looking to find why they don’t create the things that grow in their mind. One word: RESISTANCE !

I am so like this tree seemingly dying from a lack of thirst,  yet there is water just a couple hundred feet below.

This week, RESISTANCE came in the form of feeling like I had the flu (poor baby, I did have a 100 degree fever), yet it lasted only 24 hours. But is stands as another day lost and I gave RESISTANCE one more victory.

It causes me to be on the alert: “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…! John10:10†††††en theos…..jim