Photo of Da Day @ Da Pine #350

I can relate to this Great Blue Heron having a pest on his back. At least he can see what is bothering him. I keep hauling the weight of things that I can not even see. Yet they feel very real, even if I can’t put my eyes on them or not quite identify them.

Help me when I have a monkey on my back while on my journey††††nada te turbe†††††jim

Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #87

The old trestle stands, still ready to support

but  steel and tonnage no longer report

It stands only to allow a bird to rest or a weary mind to pause

and ponder where has your support gone ?

A good place to stand and watch the sun disappear

to realize we all carry the weight of  varying loads

but we all find help in a trestle under our road


enjoy life, carry on……nada te turbe.jim