Images of small things from the biggest county in Texas #525 – Another woodsy moth looking like a mammoth in the desert.

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We were just finishing up our morning walk and were greeted at our back gate by our neighbor Priscilla. She excitedly told me of this huge and beautiful moth she had found in her backyard.

I grabbed my Nikon and headed on over. I was not disappointed. This creature was the size of my hand and was finished off on the front in with these massive feather like antenna and complete with a bright red touch on the rear of his upper wing.

He was filling the bottom of an ice tea pitcher. I turned and gently moved him about to make some images of his detailed features.

Priscilla enjoyed him for the day and phoned at sunset to let us know she was releasing him. It gave me a warm feeling thinking of him being free. Slowly, more and more I move to become the bug guy.

“Life is a frail moth flying Caught in the web of the years that pass.”- Sara Teasdale

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