Shades of Gray from Grayson Co TX #927- ROAD KILL FOSSIL


Growing up in West Texas I would be more inclined to find a Horned Toad (“Horny Toad”) playing the part of a road pancake. The road killed Horny Toad would always pull at my heart. I don’t so much find that feeling with the amphibians here in Northeast TX. Perhaps it is my age or the sheer quantity of them that breeds my indifference. Whereas my dog Grace loves to find and nose around the toads that sit under our backyard lights. Grace will take the time to actually search them out. Where the horny toads were avoided by dogs, the horned toad was an unavoidable attraction for little boys.

I found this frog/toad shortly after a recent rain. After being flattened several times by passing autos, the sun then worked on drying him out and into his fossil appearing state.

Peace out….monos en theos ††† jasL


3 thoughts on “Shades of Gray from Grayson Co TX #927- ROAD KILL FOSSIL

    1. Jane……..yo, mucho thanx for the kind words. I feel pretty much llike a fossil myself. I have had a hard last 18months. Lost my best 4legged friend Clovis a little over a year ago. I can count on one time the times I have picked up a camera. He was my best bud, one of my best model and that dog week every where with me. Now I am awaiting my neuro surgen to get me scheduled to hammer cut and saw my lower back together……life pretty much sucks for me right now…….but thanx for the little pick up….en theos….jasL

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