Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #241

As I have mentioned, we got to see a large variety of creatures in Big Bend our last trip. Yesterday I posted baby Javelina and today you get a snake in the water, which is better than two in the grass. I believe this is a Western coach-whip that was swimming across the beaver pond near Rio Grande campground. He might have just been cooling off, it was over 90 degrees.

I was focused on watching a bird when I noticed the bird was eying  something in the water near me. I am not at all real fond of snakes, but felt pretty safe with me on dry land and him in the water.  I know it could have been better to have a good macho snake like a Rattlesnake, but I am more a tamer variety now and so should be my subjects.

Grow happy with who you really are on your journey††nada te turbe††jim

7 thoughts on “Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #241

    1. Thanx for looking, you could be right about what it is. I looked for it in snakes of the region (Big Bend, TX) and this was the closest match I could find with what I could see of the have submerged creature……shalom en theos….jim

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