Photos on the journey #390


The snow started in earnest last night. It persisted all night and a table on the patio shows evidence of the 7 inches of the cold stuff.

I went to bed last night with all these Currier & Ives kind of photographs that I could get up and make this morning. Upon arising and roosting next to a propane fire in the comfort of my Lazy Boy red leather recliner I came to a more realistic thought. I am a West Texas boy and I don’t like snow. I like the romance of it all and the look of those heavenly flakes falling so quietly to our parched land. But alas, I am not getting out.

Maybe it stems from seeing a bumper sticker in New Mexico during my youth. It read: ” If God had of meant for Texans to ski, He would have mad bullsh#t white.” My dad had to explain the meaning to me, but I think the message struck a chord and stayed with me.

I am thankful for the distant beauty of it and the needed wetness for the land. But it can melt now and bring back my desert. So I post a dust bowl like image from our recent visit to Seminole State Park. That is dust, sand and rock on the ground, not snow!……………en theos†††jim

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