Hairstreaks (Strymon melinus) Ganging Up on Red Clover


Ah yes, two for the price of one. All for the sake of the sweet nectar of the Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) of Northeast Texas. We had a poor showing, or I didn’t happen to look in the right place, of the Red Clover this year. Could be that I was not out a lot.

Still battling heart issues from my open heart surgery, along with other “ticker” procedures, tests and ordeals. Youth is always wasted on the young and I was no exception. It just added insult to injury when the doc used those words that no young man of seventy wants to hear. First he called me “Mr. Work” and drove the nail in deeper by adding, “AT YOUR AGE, healing is just going to take a little longer.” I don’t believe he truly meant little as a short period of time. Little had to be converted to dog years.


One thought on “Hairstreaks (Strymon melinus) Ganging Up on Red Clover

  1. Been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing. So good to hear from you. Beautiful photography as always. Sure would be good to get together sooner than later. ❤️🙏 Laura

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