Photos on the journey #474

DSC_4948b DSC_4971a

Okay, we got some rain this past week, a whole 1/2 an inch. Low & behold, as my wife was sweeping the patio, she found this toad under a pile of grass and leaves. We don’t get a lot of toads that don’t have horns (more of the lizard variety). I know for you guys in the humid part of the world this is not a rare find, but for me, I just had to invite him in for a sitting.

We had to go for a close up of those great eyes.

To the green in all of us…en theos ††† jlawrence

7 thoughts on “Photos on the journey #474

  1. Great shots. Always marvel at God’s creatures, how they’re designs are perfect for their lives. Now we need to look at our design and purpose, and get on with it

  2. Amen to that. Had an amazing mindfullness walk early this am. Was looking for some fantastic yellow flowers that were all over the fields yesterday morn. They were not to be found, so I kept my eyes & heart open and it was just amazing of all that I was offered!
    Amazing love – unending grace…j

  3. Wow, just wow! I love frogs! We have some cute green ones that stay outside my door. They made their appearance on my blog this week, but this is amazing!

      1. I actually think that frogs are really beautiful, in particular those golden eyes. It’s so overwhelming to feel understood by someone somewhere in this large world. I put a lot of love and intention in every photo I do. Regards Mitza

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